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The students of MIT, Chennai conducted the event called


This is the event which is based on the open source; This event held on 27 & 28th of feburary 2010 at MIT campus,chrompet – chennai;

In that they conducted many events based on the open source like FOSS QUIZ, Short FOSS video contest, etc.,

They are arranged a stalls for some of the demos based on the FOSS and so many students from various places participated and gave their demos on both day;

The Demo Stalls are :
1. Installation
2. Open Foam
3. Networking
3. Debugging
4. Multimedia
5. Scripting Languages
6. Gamming using Python
7. Gitorious & Codeiniter – videowrapper
8. Drupal & Blender
10. Demos  from Kanchi Linux User Group
12. Free Software Media

The highlight of the event is a “quries to Richard Mathew Stalman”.,yes on the first day the are arrangd a talk to R.M.S at 7.30 pm.,

Some of the Other Highlights :
1. The presence of the IUGC membes like Mr. Shri Ramadoss.,        Mr. Bharathi., Mr. Ravi Jeya.,  Mr. Raman.
2. Demos on Open Foam , Networking & Gaming using python won     the prizes.
3. Mr. Ramman gave the special price to Kanchi LUG.

Kanchi LUG Demo Stalls :
1. LTSP                –  Mr. Yaassir., Mr. Elango., Mr. Praveen.
2. Ruby               –  Mr. Shanmugam., Mr. Shrinivas., Ms. Priya.
3. Subversion      –  Mr. Rajkumar., Mr. Dhasthegeer., Mr. Selvamani.

Peoples who attend  the Carte Blanche ‘ X  from Kanchi LUG :
1. Mr. Logesh Prabhu
2. Mr. Vishnu
3. Mr. Selva Kumar
4. Mr. BalaKrishna
5. Mr. Nagarajan
6. Ms. Ramya
7. Ms. Mahalakshmi

Then i presented the video Based on FOSS in tamil for the Short Foss Video Contest ant this is the link : FOSS Video.ogg

and the original video of R.M.S  is :



Demo on how to use Blue Proximity

Hi ;

I showed the concept of  Blue Proximity And its working to my class mates  along with my staff  Mr. S. Baskar.

He support us lot for this and we are planed to gave the intro to FOSS in our college.


Coscian 2010 National Level Technical Symposium

hi on 29 & 30 of january 2010 Hindusthan College of Arts & Science College.,chennai. Conducted the National Level Techinical Symphosium as an inter college fest.

There are 62 colleges all over the india participated in that event.

Me and my friends of my college are went to participate in the events of Coscian. I that there is a event called Model Exhibit. Its main theme is we want to show a model based on the mobile computing & wireless communication.

Me and my friend Mr. Yaassir are presented our exhibit  called Blue Proximity in Linux and we won the second prize also.

The link  : Coscian2010