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Pravin or Praveen (Devanagari: प्रवीण) means “expert (निपुण)” or “excel” or “proficient (निपुण)” or “power” or “sun”, and is a common Indian name..



2011 amazing entry in “amace”

This year our Kanchi Lug got a amazing entry in the *AMACE* (Arulmigu Meenakshi Amman College of Engineering, Vadamavandal, Kanchipuram) Ya ton 8th January 2011 our kanchiLug team went there to give the foss seminar. there 120 students from the 2nd and 3rd year students of B.E (CSE & IT) attend the seminar.
Our guys bala, elango, nagaraj, manimaran and myself(praveen) went there to present the seminar.

We started our speech at 11.00 am., first we started to speek about what is open source which was given by Mr.Bala,
Then i (praveen) spoke the foss history, again bala continued about what is the need to use the Gnu/linux operating system, its
adavntages, etc., As a live demo Mr.Elango showed the installation and explained about the file system, architecture and swap area.

Mr.Nagaraj then presented his presentations on what are the
applications avaliable, how to install the packages and showed some compiz effects.
Next i(praveen) told how to contribute to foss and about kanhilug. Then Mr.Bala gave a small introduction about python. As the end of the session we played the Big Bug Bunny video.

Finally we windup at 1.00pm, We specially thank to *AMACE* principle, Mr.Senthamiz selvan, and Mrs.Vidhya to gave a nice oppurtunity for us. Then they invited us to make stalls on their college event of next month also they plan to conduct a python workshop for two days.


My Final Year Project Started

Its time to start my final year project.
ya I finished all my semesters and now i have to start my journey with my project.

I took over the ilugc project “Event management system”
project Reference :


CIPHERMIX – 2010 and COSCIAN – 2010

On 24th september 2010 Vels university, pallavaram, chennai conducted a Ciphermix 2010 Technical symposium.
In that i Participated in event paper presentation on the topic – open source technologies.

Also participated in the Coscian 2010 National Level Technical Symposium on 29th september Hindusthan College of Arts & Science College.,chennai.
Me and my friends of my college are went to participate in the events of Coscian. And I participate in the event ad-zap.


Software Freedom Day (18 – September – 2010)

Indian Linux User group chennai conducted software freedom day on September 18 at birla planetarium. Our Kanchi Linux user group put stalls for the following
1. OpenOffice – writer, spreadsheet, presentation – Rajesh, Nehru, Karthik 2. Gimp – Manimaran, Selvakumar
3. Python – Balaji
4. Big Blue Button – Arulalan, Balakrishnan
5. Multi OS in single DVD – Yassir, Ilango
6. CMS (Joomla, WordPress) – Priya, Manikandan
8. NoSql – Shanmugam, Nagaraj
9.Quickly – Rajeswari
10. ScreenCasts for Python, Ruby, WordPress, Html, Synaptic, MySql, Postgres, Openshot, Pitivie, Tamil Lay Out , Record-my-desktop, Glade,, compiz, why-foss, History, etc in TAMIL –
Logeshprabhu, Loganathan
11. GAMES – Selvamani
12.1 Video Editing Tools demo – OpenShot, Pitivi, etc and Audio Editing Tool – Audacity was presented by me.

The demo started 10 AM and end at 5 PM. At the end of the day ILUGC gave price to who gave good presentation
Lots of public, Various college students and school students was visited that day.


FabulouSH National Level Symposium – September 16 & 17, 2010

The Department of science and humanities of SRM university conducted a two day National level techinical symposium on 16th and 17th of september 2010.
as representing my college me and my friends team participated in various events.

Me and my friend yassir Participated in a event called project presentation., Unfortunately we got a time clash., at the same time i had to participate in the other event called “show-n-web” a web designing event.

So we register one of my friend name instead of me for the project presentation. Then i went to participate in the web designing event.

There 32 teams from various college students participated.
They showed their works., Most of they used flash and dream weaver to build their site.
But im the only one who developed on php and also on a open source platform.

When presenting my web, my lap was not accepted to the projector which they provide,
So me and some of the participants showed directly to judges.

After finishing my web presentation, i have a time to participate in the project presentation.,
even though we changed the names, they alow us to show our project. Then i explained about our project “Multi o/s in a single disc”. Yassir showed the live demo of it.

finally the twist is we won both the events., Ya i won the second prize in the web designing and my team won the first in the project presentation.
The judges of the event project presentation are the project managers of CTS.

Then i participated in my favourite event “AD-ZAP” along with my team and performed well.,
Actor Kamalesh was the cheif guest to that event and he enjoyed lot on our performance.
Also we got a big abloos from the audience.


Demo on Krishna College on (09-july- 2010)

Our KanchiLug guys again took a one day interactive seminar in Sri Kanchi Krishna collage of arts & science on 09.07.2010.
Students of B.Sc., Computer Science ,and M.Sc. IT are attended the session.

After a long gap we gone to Krishna college for the session. We started 11am.. i (Praveen) explain about whole information’s about Foss and Gnu/linux.

Then yassir showed some comfiz graphics, python and some tools. Then i (Praveen) explain about the job opportunities in linux.

To give more attractive session as usual we played the big bug bunny video. At last Suresh spoke about kanchilug and their activities.

Then we finished our session at 12.15pm.
We thank to the collage H.O.D and principal to gave the session for us.


Workshop in SSN Engineering College 02-jun-2010

i gone to the industrial training camp conducting by fsftn @ ssn engineering college.,
its ya 5 days trainning program..

the day one starts on yesterday ( 2.05.2010) and there are 200+ students from various
colleges & various districts.,

on first day its starts with the speach of Mr. Shannu from fsfts., And they gave the tea break @ 11.15.,
then Mr. S. Basker (linux Basker) the CEO of LinuxXpert Acadamy took the installation of fedora13.,
After that we gone for the lunch at 12.45
The second session starts with the intresting thing is that Mr. Basker took the aplication which r in the ubuntu10.04 and compfiz., all are wondered while seeing it for the first time.,
And they split the students into 15 teams. And belongs to the team number 13., unfortunatelly my team members selected me as a team leader and we named our team as Terrific-Tux.

The day 2 starts @ 9.00pm on today with the group discussion with the teams and we want to tell what we discussed and said our queris on the stage and even some of them ask the namr of the s/w which is used in linux according to their need .,
Then the intresting python session starts @ 10.00am., it was taken by Mr. Ravi Jeya a corporate traineer.,
And we have a practical session at the ssn college’s mca department lab after our lunch.,
All are enjoyed the python session and its practical session.

One more thing is im proud to say that im a klug member in there., And the studends and others are forget my name and they called me as terrific-tux.,

Then the day 3 had a LAMP session and day 4 with the Drupal session and also Mr. Siddhartha Malempathi, FSFTN gave his talk about Patent,Finally the last day Ends with the project assigning to each team , Next they invite each team lead to share their thoughts and they distributed the certificates.