FabulouSH National Level Symposium – September 16 & 17, 2010

The Department of science and humanities of SRM university conducted a two day National level techinical symposium on 16th and 17th of september 2010.
as representing my college me and my friends team participated in various events.

Me and my friend yassir Participated in a event called project presentation., Unfortunately we got a time clash., at the same time i had to participate in the other event called “show-n-web” a web designing event.

So we register one of my friend name instead of me for the project presentation. Then i went to participate in the web designing event.

There 32 teams from various college students participated.
They showed their works., Most of they used flash and dream weaver to build their site.
But im the only one who developed on php and also on a open source platform.

When presenting my web, my lap was not accepted to the projector which they provide,
So me and some of the participants showed directly to judges.

After finishing my web presentation, i have a time to participate in the project presentation.,
even though we changed the names, they alow us to show our project. Then i explained about our project “Multi o/s in a single disc”. Yassir showed the live demo of it.

finally the twist is we won both the events., Ya i won the second prize in the web designing and my team won the first in the project presentation.
The judges of the event project presentation are the project managers of CTS.

Then i participated in my favourite event “AD-ZAP” along with my team and performed well.,
Actor Kamalesh was the cheif guest to that event and he enjoyed lot on our performance.
Also we got a big abloos from the audience.



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