Software Freedom Day (18 – September – 2010)

Indian Linux User group chennai conducted software freedom day on September 18 at birla planetarium. Our Kanchi Linux user group put stalls for the following
1. OpenOffice – writer, spreadsheet, presentation – Rajesh, Nehru, Karthik 2. Gimp – Manimaran, Selvakumar
3. Python – Balaji
4. Big Blue Button – Arulalan, Balakrishnan
5. Multi OS in single DVD – Yassir, Ilango
6. CMS (Joomla, WordPress) – Priya, Manikandan
8. NoSql – Shanmugam, Nagaraj
9.Quickly – Rajeswari
10. ScreenCasts for Python, Ruby, WordPress, Html, Synaptic, MySql, Postgres, Openshot, Pitivie, Tamil Lay Out , Record-my-desktop, Glade,, compiz, why-foss, History, etc in TAMIL –
Logeshprabhu, Loganathan
11. GAMES – Selvamani
12.1 Video Editing Tools demo – OpenShot, Pitivi, etc and Audio Editing Tool – Audacity was presented by me.

The demo started 10 AM and end at 5 PM. At the end of the day ILUGC gave price to who gave good presentation
Lots of public, Various college students and school students was visited that day.



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