Workshop in SSN Engineering College 02-jun-2010

i gone to the industrial training camp conducting by fsftn @ ssn engineering college.,
its ya 5 days trainning program..

the day one starts on yesterday ( 2.05.2010) and there are 200+ students from various
colleges & various districts.,

on first day its starts with the speach of Mr. Shannu from fsfts., And they gave the tea break @ 11.15.,
then Mr. S. Basker (linux Basker) the CEO of LinuxXpert Acadamy took the installation of fedora13.,
After that we gone for the lunch at 12.45
The second session starts with the intresting thing is that Mr. Basker took the aplication which r in the ubuntu10.04 and compfiz., all are wondered while seeing it for the first time.,
And they split the students into 15 teams. And belongs to the team number 13., unfortunatelly my team members selected me as a team leader and we named our team as Terrific-Tux.

The day 2 starts @ 9.00pm on today with the group discussion with the teams and we want to tell what we discussed and said our queris on the stage and even some of them ask the namr of the s/w which is used in linux according to their need .,
Then the intresting python session starts @ 10.00am., it was taken by Mr. Ravi Jeya a corporate traineer.,
And we have a practical session at the ssn college’s mca department lab after our lunch.,
All are enjoyed the python session and its practical session.

One more thing is im proud to say that im a klug member in there., And the studends and others are forget my name and they called me as terrific-tux.,

Then the day 3 had a LAMP session and day 4 with the Drupal session and also Mr. Siddhartha Malempathi, FSFTN gave his talk about Patent,Finally the last day Ends with the project assigning to each team , Next they invite each team lead to share their thoughts and they distributed the certificates.



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